9 Questions With Goodnight Caulfield

goodnight caulfield

goodnight caulfield

What is your name, your band name, and what do you do in the band?

My Name is Adam Cuadra and i do vocals and Guitar for the band Goodnight Caulfield

(answers in bold) …more after the jump…

What have you been up to lately, anything new to look out for?

Currently we are finishing up our first full Length it will be called The Masquerade so look for it Dec. 1st!!

If you are on tour, how is it going? If not, what is your excuse?

Well our excuse is that we are recording and getting ready to tour. We will be doing a little west coast tour starting in December and then next year is tour tour tour lol

What direction do you see the band taking in the future?
i see us touring the country and Europe showing people who we are with our music.

Are there any bands besides your own that you think we need to know about?

Yes def a band called Sleep for sleepers amazing guys amazing music and amazing friends.

What or who inspires you when writing your music?
The Beatles, Anberlin, Elliot Smith to name a few.

Do you have a favorite show that you have played? Can you tell us about it?

Yes actually we played a show in Bakersfield CA at christian youth center called The Gate.Everyone there was very receptive and very loving. This is also the show where we met our good friends from Sleep for Sleepers :)

We all know that bands like to prank each other, are there any good ones that you can share with us that either you have pulled or that have been pulled on you?

Well its not that funny but kinda funny during a practice one time we had some friends come and watch us we taped a fart machine under our drummers throne and every time there was silence we would set it off. now he had earplugs so he couldn’t hear it but everyone else did he had no idea what they were laughing at lol

CMZ is a Christian faith based music zine, is there anything that we can pray for you as a band?
Nope i think all is good God blesses us everyday :)


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