Preson Phillips – the observant & the anawim

Preson Phillips – the observant & the anawim

I was just doing some research and making sure I had my facts straight on this album review when I stumbled upon a blog in which Preson describes being attacked for no apparent reason, so I feel a bit strange right now as I write this. Don’t worry, he seems to be okay (at least as good as anyone who gets sucker punched can be).

When I first heard about his offering up of a free album (or pay a donation if you want), it had been mentioned that this was a worship album and that a couple of guys from Underoath had helped out a bit on it. The former is a bit misleading and the latter mostly relates to some gang vocals by Tim McTague and Aaron Gillespie. Although the music is definitely written in the perspective of worshipping Jesus Christ, it isn’t really something that would be played in most church settings, unless your church happens to meet at a trendy café, which is pretty much totally awesome if it does. Genre names don’t always make sense, do they? Maybe we should come up with a cool new genre for this like post-worship. It is confusing and yet has so much indie cred, am I right?

Anyway, the truth is that this is mostly an indie acoustic rock album laced with an abundance of lyrically provoking thoughts of seeking the Lord. The vocals are a bit strained at all times and not really pop friendly, with few choruses worthy of everybody in your car busting them out together, but they match the instruments well and a worthy listen if you can get through a listen or two.

Track Listing:

1. The Lord’s Prayer
2. Hallowed be Thy Name
3. What am I
4. I’ll Sing of Your Love in the Morning
5. Redemption Song
6. Then they will know
7. Until God’s Realm Comes
8. Hold me down
9. Hallelujah



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