The Red Baron – My First Love

The Red Baron – My First Love – Blood and Ink Records – Released 4/7/09

Coming straight out of the sunshine of Florida, The Red Baron has finally given their hardcore fans across the world a full length album of hardcore songs that leave no doubt as to what they are about, both musically and spiritually.  From the intro, where they boldly declare “Our God Reigns”, The Red Baron have some stuff to say and they aren’t afraid to say it.

It takes a special band for me to venture into certain realms and that includes hardcore, which  can vary greatly with a plethora of styles of screaming, that can be interesting, unbearable, monotonous or unintelligible or a little bit of everything.  Fortunately, most of the lyrics are easy to follow, both because they aren’t so artistic that they become completely vague and because the screams are clear enough to understand what words are being said.  For me, those are both pretty important for a hardcore band to have in order to have broad appeal.  The Red Baron does have enough variety to keep it interesting most of the time and at worst are enjoyable as background music, though I rarely find myself being distracted.  The songs are too interesting to stray too far from what is going on.

By far my favorite song on this album is “American Dream”, with lyrics that would fit any good punk band’s repertoire, as it is a challenge to the ideals that this country has been known for from the beginning.  The rest of the album plays out in a back and forth between making declarations and stands against or for different things (from their straightedge stances to their devotion to God) and their brokenness before God to help in times of need.

After listening to this for awhile, I’ve noticed that it just gets better with time.  All too often something will jump out of the box great and then be forgotten not too much longer.  My First Love went from being a pretty good listen to being a pretty interesting collection of hardcore anthems that even a casual hardcore fan can enjoy.


1. Intro

2. My First Love

3. American Dream

4. Hardball

5. Not For The Weak

6. This is Ours

7. Our Time

8. Grace is for Falling

9. At Least I Tried

10. Wake Up Now

11. Latest Hot Shot

12. Redemption



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