Venia – Frozen Hands

Venia – Frozen Hands – Blood & Ink Records – Released 7/14/09 – Reviewed By Chris Works

Do you like fast paced chug chug hardcore? Do the sounds of Terror, Seventh Star, or No Innocent Victim excite you? Do you like bold spirit filled hardcore? If so then this album probably sounds like at least 5 other CD’s you already own but still love, and you’ll probably add this one to your collection and adore it.
OK now that I’ve gotten that off my chest I hope you realize that I am in no way knocking or hating on VENIA, In fact I actually enjoyed listening to this CD quite a bit. However this album could easily be by any one of the other aforementioned bands. As standard stock hardcore as this album is, I’d rather have a band get big that has a legit message and passion than another band yelling at me about straightedge and brotherhood (a concept I really don’t think even the bands themselves understand given all the fighting that goes on between crews) The only real complaint I have with this album is I would like to hear more from the guitar and bass, they sit low in the mix and pretty much stick to chug chug chugging along, some variety would work wonders for these guys especially if the bass didn’t follow the guitar 90% of the time. If you like any of the bands I mentioned earlier, or Christ centered  tough guy hardcore definitely check this out.
1. It Starts Here
2. Seeker
3. Predictable
4. Hand Of Security
5. Iceburg
6. Force Fed
7. What’s Done Is Done
8. Strength Of Heart
9. Beginnings
10. World All Your Own
11. Frozen Hands
12. Better Seas

4 responses to “Venia – Frozen Hands

  1. scott August 1, 2009 at 12:28 am

    It sounds like you took about 5 minutes to write this review up. There is a lot more depth to this album than you give credit, though by no means is it inventing the wheel, but it has a lot of elements in which is stands out and shows some creativity against the typical sounds of a tougher hardcore record, while remaining true to their sound. As far as your views on hardcore, about crew fighting and all, i would say that is a pretty blanket statement. There are plenty of bands out there who aren’t Christian that stand up for what they believe in a positive way. If you dont agree, you probably shouldn’t be reviewing hardcore albums.

  2. Tyler Hess August 1, 2009 at 9:54 am

    i’m not really into hardcore like Chris is, so I don’t know much about these “crews”, but I don’t think he is saying that there are no other “positive message” bands, but rather expressing a distaste for two specific types of bands, the ones promoting straightedge and brotherhood (which I’m guessing is where the crews come in). Perhaps better phrasing may have helped

  3. James November 22, 2009 at 7:30 pm

    hey does anyone know where i can find the lyrics to the frozen hands album lyrics?

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