Review: Fair – Disappearing World

Fair – Disappearing World – Tooth & Nail Records – Released 2/9/10 – Reviewed By Tyler Hess

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When you’re young (and many of you still are), there are certain things that you’ve heard exist, but you’re never quite sure if they are really ever going to happen for you.  For some it may be graduation, or moving out on your own or getting married.  One thing that I never thought would happen would be hearing someone come out with an indie acoustic pop rock album that wasn’t going to have just as many boring, pointless, “artistic” songs that are a waste of time and listening.  I guess it took having a well respected producer to be the band leader to write a full album of legitimately fun and/or meaninful songs that are backed up with thought provoking lyrics.  What we have here is a polished sound, which is quite the accomplishment for what is only a sophomore album, from a band that sounds similar to bands like Seabird without the faux euro vocals.

Grade: A

1. Disappearing World
2. Wayside
3. Walking In My Sleep
4. One Last Time
5. Take Some Risks
6. The Escape Artist
7. It’s Doubtful
8. The Worst Of Your Wear
9. The Great Divide
10. Anymore


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