Review: Preson Phillips – Weep…He Loves The Mourners Tears

Come & Live Records

Released March 16 2010

Reviewed By Ian Zandi

Worship music can often be a really hard thing to review. Most worship bands are pretty good but there are also a great number of bands out there who probably have good intentions but the music is really not that great. The purpose of the heart is what really matters during worship but what simple lyrics could do for some people, could be cheesy junk for others.

Fortunately it seems that Preson Phillips has decent music and a good heart. He is the pastor of the church that the highly known metalcore band Underoath attends. The guitarist of Underoath, Tim McTague, is the producer of Preson’s second release “Weep….He Loves The Mourners Tears”. His first album “The Observant and the Anawim” was based on the books of Acts and Galatians and this time the songs are based on Matthew and Ephesians.

Many of the lyrics from his new album come from the Bible, either direct or paraphrased. As for the music itself, it reminds me of something along the lines the solo work from Jon Foreman (of Switchfoot). Stripped down to just an acoustic guitar, his voice and the occasional background female vocal and percussion. On some of the songs the percussion is not even present, making the sound simpler and easier on the ears to listen to the lyrics. The songs are not something that you will catch on to very quickly, so it may take a few rounds of playing before you can start to sing along with Mr. Phillips. One track that may catch on more than others would be “Jesus Died My Soul To Save”. If you want some good organic worship music then look no further.

Grade: A

  1. The People Of His Choice
  2. Breather Of Life
  3. Pilgrim
  4. Grace and Peace
  5. Deuteronomy Six
  6. What Breadth?
  7. Hallelujah
  8. Psalm 23
  9. Marked By Reformation
  10. Open For Me

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