Review: As Hell Retreats – Revival

Strike First Records

Released May 25th, 2010

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

Since 2005 As Hell Retreats has been busy cranking out 4 five-song EP’s and now is the newest addition to Strike First Records. This shows that this Tennessee-based band has been around the block when it comes to metal. But does their debut of death metal and hardcore satisfy the shredding and growling-thirsty metalhead? The answer is “yes,” but a very small “no.”

This band and its album have done everything right; production is top-notch, the music isn’t groundbreaking but isn’t monotonous, and the lyrics and convicting and fit the theme of the album. But its main shortcoming is sadly in its length of 7 actual songs. This doesn’t necessarily hinder this project, but just leaves you wanting more.

If I had to elaborate on two songs, it would be “Raze” and “Poor God.” The former is a beast in terms of its growling guitars and chants that I would love to see live. But the latter is not only the conclusion of the album, but it shows an anger and depth in its lyrics that leaves you thinking. “Poor God” brings up the topic of using the Lord’s name for malice and violence. The lyrics engage you in the struggle of seeing God’s name used for anger and greed but deciding not to associate with that but instead “..try to pour God back in my life/ And I’ll fight, and I’ll fight, and not hide.”

As Hell Retreat’s debut is not only a good album for any metalhead, but it’s the great start for a band with a bright future ahead of them. And like a can of Mountain Dew, Revival is a small amount of a great thing. But next time I hope their 2nd album upgrades to a “bottle” size, if you what I mean.

Grade: B-


  1. Intro
  2. Inferior
  3. The Holy Thief
  4. Raze
  5. Resting With Closed Eyes
  6. Messengers
  7. Contradiction
  8. Revival (Instrumental)
  9. Poor God

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