Review: Dependency – Convicted

Label: Blood & Ink Records

Released May 25, 2010

Reviewed by David Huey

[Buy Here]

Dependency has only been a band for about a year, but they have already attracted some great interest.  This EP was produced by Drew Fulk & Joe Musten (Advent, Beloved).  Although billed as melodic hardcore, you should probably expect more hardcore than melodic.

It’s a typical hardcore release; breakdown, screaming, breakdown, more screaming.  I’m definitely not the biggest hardcore fan, but this one just doesn’t really stand out for me.  Convicted includes 7 songs, the 3rd Forgiven is an instrumental track.  The two best cuts are the title song Convicted and the final song Decay.

If you’re headed to Cornerstone this summer, check out this band from Tennessee, they’re scheduled to play several times.

Grade: B-


1. Goliath

2. Convicted

3. Forgiven

4. Ready for Conflict

5. Fragile

6. Vultures, Scavengers

7. Decay


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