Review: Thin Ice – Revelation Through Tribulation EP

Label: Blood & Ink Records

Released May 25, 2010

Reviewed by David Huey

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Thin Ice is a new hardcore band out of San Antonio, Texas.  Signed before even playing a show or having a full band, this young quintet is ready to do some big things.

This EP has 6 songs, 1 of which is an instrumental.  If you’re looking for a hardcore release filled with heavy, chugging guitars, you’re at the right place.  It was recorded in their guitar player’s home, so you’re basically getting a demo record.  For a demo, it’s pretty solid work.

Thin Ice isn’t afraid to wear it’s faith on it’s sleeve.  The lyrics almost remind me of reading through Psalms.  Just as David looked for answers, but stayed true to his God, you’ll hear the same themes.  In You Were There, he screams “Who can I trust?  Who can I turn to when all things break down and fall to pieces?  you are the Solid Rock, and I stand firm.  You are my fortress.  Where can I turn?  I turn to you”.  Sackclothand Ashes is a well crafted instrumental piece.  In the final song The Ghost, they try the metalcore formula of singing versus growling vocals.

After hearing a handful of songs from this promising band, I think we have a lot to look forward to.

Grade: B+


1. Revelation Through Tribulation

2. You Were There

3. Purpose and Plan

4. Sackcloth and Ashes

5. Faded

6. The Ghost


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