Review: Chris McClarney – Defender


Released August 10

Reviewed By Tyler Hess

Have you ever taste tested something without getting the full meal and come away with a general opinion on it only to later try the whole thing and say “yep, that’s about what I thought it was the first time around”?  Well about four months ago I took a listen to the “Introducing Chris McClarney” EP that displayed his soulful, bluesy acoustic contemporary music and I came away with the general impression that i lacked the pop to keep me at attention for very long.  Well now the Summer is upon us and it is apparent that my instincts haven’t changed much and Chris McClarney’s “Defender” provides us with I thought it would, a poor man’s Jimmy Needham.  Now I’ll give Chris a little more credit than I did back then after listening to approximately 150% more music than the EP had (with a few re-runs) as it does work for a decent amount of easy listening tunes, but it isn’t really enough to fully win me over either and as the saying goes “it is what it is”.

Grade: C+


  1. Still Saving Me
  2. Who Is This Love Amazing
  3. Defender
  4. Immortal Invisible
  5. Who Is This Love Amazing (Reprise)
  6. Across The Universe
  7. Your Love Is Everything
  8. Waste It All
  9. Celebrate The Beauty
  10. Shine (We Wait)
  11. Blessed Assurance
  12. In Your Presence (Sweeter)
  13. God of Our Yesterdays
  14. Rescuer
  15. Your Love Never Fails

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