Review: Hearts Bleed Passion 5

There isn’t a really good way to do this, so I’m just going to review this fifth volume of IVM’s Sampler, Hearts Bleed Passion, five words at a time.  You can download this for free and we can compare notes.

  1. “I’m Sorry (For The Last Time)” – All at RISK: One sloppy mess to start
  2. “Southern Girls” – Life On Repeat: This isn’t Search The City?
  3. “Virginia Beach” – Sleep for Sleepers: They should have been re-signed
  4. “Shine on” –  Bellarive (courtesy of Come&Live!): Long, artsy, and beautiful worship
  5. “Caution”  – Sons of God (courtesy of Come&Live!): Legit indie rock, kinda mysterious
  6. “You Know (Sixteen)” –  Please Promise: Juvenile pop punk like Philmont
  7. “The Descent” – The Workday Release: Seen live, good young band
  8. “Grace” –  Chosen (courtesy of Red Cord Records): Need time to develop more
  9. “All I Know is I Know Nothing” –  News from Verona (courtesy of Eden Records): Stoked they finally got signed
  10. “My Insincerest Regards”  – The Radio Sky: From the 80’s, welcome today
  11. “The Secret Service Doesn’t Like Prank Phone Calls” – Veritas: Recorded in uncle’s garage/basement?
  12. “The Amazing Two-Headed Man”  – Blank Page Empire: In between sing and scream
  13. “Child of Light” – John Gold: Odd, gimmicky vocals annoy me
  14. “Sweet Dream”  – Lakes : Buy this already, come on!
  15. “By My Side” – This Is Luke: Sounds like a hidden track
  16. “Edge Of The Earth”  – Days Divide: Reminds me of Kessler, awesome
  17. “Enough” – Dinner And A Suit: Ready for mainstage, early slot
  18. “Brevity” – Lovelite (courtesy of Come&Live!): Husband/wife make chill music
  19. “Mile Away” – Lee Roessler: Can’t keep up, still like
  20. “Sheer Conspiracy” – A Wayward Heart: All over the place, pass
  21. “Towers”  – Sheridan: That just made me cringe
  22. “Firing Squad” – Awake! Awake!: I remember them being better
  23. “For Who You Are”  – Lybecker: Wait.  Wait. They’re not signed?
  24. “Turn Around” – The Lost Colors: Female power pop, easy marketing
  25. “Unfortunately So”  – Haley Plotnik: Ditto, minus talent and listen-ability
  26. “All Things Fade” – Dutton: This reminds me, they’re forgettable
  27. “Fall On Me”  -Andrew Jed: Vocals betray the skilled instrumentation
  28. “Two In The Same ” – Kiven: My ears, they are bleeding
  29. “Shine” – Jordan Michael Grace (courtesy of Southerland Records): Understated will lead to underrated
  30. “Manipulators (acoustic)” – Sons of God: Not really an acoustic band
  31. “Old Rugged Cross”  – False Idle (courtesy of Thumper Punk Records): Should tour with Flatfoot 56
  32. “Motion The Change” – The Skypilot (courtesy of Southerland Records): Not ready for big time
  33. “Rememberance”  – Chasing Morgan: Pop rock potential, one day
  34. “You Are God” – The Encounter: Whoa, whoa, whoa, calm down
  35. “Disarm” – You The Symphony: I shot you down? meh.
  36. “America’s Funniest Home Videos” – Rodeo Ruby Love (courtesy of Crossroads of America Records): Jackelope was super funny, amirite?
  37. “Cowboys and Indians” – Deluxe Republic (courtesy of Red Cord Records): Played by five year olds?
  38. “Lost Love” – The Plaid Jackets: Album starting to trail off
  39. “The Fight Is Ours” – The Way (courtesy of Thumper Punk Records): Punk rock brings it back
  40. “Good News” – 180 OUT: My dad might like this
  41. “Blood on the Church Floor” – Ravenhill: Just glad it’s all over

3 responses to “Review: Hearts Bleed Passion 5

  1. Steve November 6, 2010 at 2:48 am

    Great compilation

  2. Brandon Jones November 12, 2010 at 10:50 am

    “Just glad it’s all over”? Wow. Oh well, you can’t please everyone. I actually didn’t assemble this one myself much like Songs to Slay the Dragons Vol. 2, they were done by other people. I wish I had more time to do these myself but I don’t. Anyway, I think Steve and Brian did awesome jobs on our last two big samplers.

  3. Tyler Hess November 12, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    41 songs is a lot to review, don’t take it personally, Brandon! haha

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