News: Tobymac/Skillet

The Awake Tonight Tour Meets Winter Wonder Slam

Winter Wonder Slam Presents Awake Tonight Tour with TobyMac & Skillet & special guest Shonlock
11.11 Springfield, IL
11.12 Chicago, IL
11.13 Minneapolis, MN
11.14 Sioux Falls, SD
11.18 College Station, TX
11.19 Cypress, TX
11.20 Cypress, TX
11.21 Biloxi, MS
12.2 Springfield, MO
12.3 Nashville, TN
12.4 Louisville, KY
12.5 Greenville, SC
12.9 Greensboro, NC
12.10 Pittsburgh, PA
12.11 E Rutherford, NJ
12.12 Salem, VA Toys for Tots

Marines will be on site collecting unwrapped toys for kids
in your community … the greatest need is for pre-teens and teens!


2 responses to “News: Tobymac/Skillet

  1. getterz October 21, 2010 at 10:29 am

    Saw this tour when it hit Aurora IL in a high school gym…fun show but weird venue. would be curious to see this in the Sears Center if I hadnt seen tobymac and skillet so many times already!

  2. Tyler Hess October 21, 2010 at 12:39 pm

    ya know…every time i see skillet they get even better somehow…i’ve seen tobymac once by himself and once in dc talk…would love to see this…but…nothing comes to kauai haha

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