Interview: Underoath

See what Tim has to say about the new album and more

Christian Music Zine’s Cara Fisher recently had this phone conversation with Timothy McTague of Underoath…

CMZ: On your Facebook page the other day, you guys were asking for Halloweencostume suggestions. Did you all decide who you’re gonna be yet?

UO: I don’t think I’m gonna be anything [laughs]. Usually we dress up when we’re ontour… well, I usually only dress up when we’re on tour. Seeing as we’re gonna behome this year, I’m gonna hang incognito. Or, if I can muster up enough sweetclothing, I’m gonna be Don Draper from Mad Men.

CMZ: What have you been listening to lately? Any favorite records for 2010 thus far?

UO:  For this year, I don’t know… I’ve been listening to a lot of Blueprints Volume 3 fromJay-Z. A lot of…hmm…. I’m not sure. That’s pretty much all I’ve been listening to.

CMZ: So Aaron Gillespie recently parted ways with the band. Was it a big shockwhen he announced this?

UO:  Yeah, it was. I mean, he didn’t really announce it; he kind of just told us at a show.  But, yeah, it definitely came as a surprise, initially. But after we kind of sat on it for alittle bit, we realized that it wasn’t really that surprising.

CMZ: You’re releasing a new album in November titled ø Disambiguation. Where did the title come from?

UO:  The Internet. We were looking up a bunch of words and meanings, and we stumbledupon that and it made the most sense for what we wanted to do. So we ended upcalling it the “O” with the slash through it and Disambiguation, that’s actually thewhole title.

CMZ: So releasing “Illuminator” layer by layer and the vague video updates- wasthat deliberately ambiguous in reference to the album’s title?

UO:  Not necessarily in reference to the album’s title, but yeah, we definitely wanted all ofthe stuff leading up to the first track kind of to be a little bit secretive and not superrevealing at first. So yeah, that was definitely an intentional thing, for sure.

CMZ: Your new drummer is Daniel Davison, formerly of Norma Jean. How involvedwas he in the recording process?

UO:  Fully involved, like a normal member. By that point we had been playing togetherfor a while and we pretty much wrote the entire record together. The month anda half leading up to it was definitely all kind of getting to know each other andworking out details, but by the time we hit the studio we were all on the same pageand all equally involved and invested in the record.

CMZ:  How have you guys progressed, musically, with Disambiguation?

UO:  Well, I think that the songs are better. I think that it listens more maturely, I guess. Itsounds more what we would want it to sound like, instead of us trying to figure outhow to get to where we want to go. Which, I think the last two records have kind ofbeen that and this is the closest we’ve gotten thus far. So yeah, I definitely think it’sthe biggest progression in songwriting that we’ve ever had. I don’t know necessarilyabout sound, but yeah.

CMZ:  Did you go into the studio knowing what you wanted the record to sound like?Or did it unfold in the studio?

UO:  Yeah, we went into the studio knowing what it was going to sound like becausewe had most of it written. But yeah, definitely the month and a half leading up toit when we were writing it, it all took shape in such a quick and unexpected way,for sure. I mean, we definitely didn’t think that we were going to be playing andrecording the songs that we ended up writing, so we were really, really happy. Itwas just kind of a blank slate when Aaron left and Daniel came in, so we didn’t knowwhat to expect. But the final product is definitely better than what we could havehoped for, for sure.

CMZ:  Does underøath have a headlining tour in the works for 2011?

UO:  Yeah, we do actually. We’re gonna be touring in January and February of next year-doing a headlining tour.


2 responses to “Interview: Underoath

  1. Steve November 6, 2010 at 2:48 am

    Good interview but these dudes are so overrated.

  2. philadelphiaandthefringe November 10, 2010 at 5:16 pm

    Ha, I’d be inclined to agree. Nice folks though :)

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