Review: Ascend The Hill – Hymns

Come & Live!

Released September 15 2010

Reviewed by Moriah Gill

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I can honestly say that I was not familiar with Ascend the Hill before this album.  However, I was thoroughly impressed and instantly intrigued by their sound and their obviouspassion for worship. From the beginning of the first track, I knew that I was in for an awesomeworship experience.

The first track, “Love of God” starts the album off right with an upbeat melodic drum-beat and heartfelt worship lyrics. Alongside moving, harmonic lyrics speaking of God’s lovethat “is greater far than tongue and pen can ever tell, it goes beyond the highest star andreaches to the lowest hell”, and “rich and pure”. Showing us just how great our God’s love is forus. A fantastic follow up to track one is a new take on a classic worship song. “How Great ThouArt” carries the message of praising the Lord for his greatness. This version was extremelymoving because of the heartfelt cry to the Lord in the middle of the song. Literally. “How greatyour love for us. You shed your blood for us.” is first sing/screamed in silence, similar to whenwe cry out to God in a moment of intense worship or desperation. The phrase is then repeatedas the music builds and finally the chorus is brought in. Simultaneously, the listener is broughtinto the heart of worship saying, “How great you are”, knowing it is true. The next two tracksslow down from the openers. “Rock of Ages” speaks of God as an eternal rock; an eternaleverything. The title track, “Take the World, But Give Me Jesus”, is a slow ballad, with thefamous Ascend the Hill drum-heavy rhythms. This song speaks of what should be everyChristian’s desire- to have Jesus, even if nothing else “for his love abideth ever”.

“I Surrender All” is another traditional featured on this album. The simplebass line and rhythm make it easy to concentrate on the meaning of the song; to give upeverything and “all to the blessed savior”. The next song continues to speak of thesavior. “Hallelujah! What a Savior” offers the highest praise, hallelujah hallelujah, in exchangefor the miraculous works of the man who gave his life on a tree because “None Compare”.Although every song on this album is a great way to come to the Lord in honest worship, I reallylike “Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go”. Knowing that God will never leave or forsake is one ofthe best feelings in the world. Having the reassurance and protection of the Lord is the bestsafety net given to mankind. That’s what this song is about. “Be Thou My Vision” is the closingsong on this album. It speaks of living a life that is pleasing to God, and wanting God to “be myeverything and be my delight”. As an ending to this worship album, this song should be everybeliever’s goal.“Take the World, But Give Me Jesus” is one of the best worships Ihave heard in a long time. I highly recommend it for anyone.

Grade: A


1. The Love Of God

2. How Great Thou Art

3. Rock Of Ages

4. Take The World, But Give Me Jesus

5. I Surrender All

6. Hallelujah! What A Savior

7. None Compare (Spontaneous Worship)

8. Oh Love That Will Not Let Me Go

9. Be Thou My Vision


2 responses to “Review: Ascend The Hill – Hymns

  1. whittmadden July 13, 2011 at 6:59 am

    They are my featured artist on my blog. I got to see them in concert this past weekend, and they totally blew my mind! Joel did an interview with me, and all I can say is what an awesome guy! Their music has really touched my life!

  2. Tyler Hess July 13, 2011 at 8:10 am

    cool, thanks for sharing! :)

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