Review: Future of Forestry – Advent Christmas Vol. 2

Released November 2 2010

Reviewed By Tyler Hess

The band may be ever changing and weaving its way in and out of the public eye like a teenager in a town with a boys will be boys attitude, but the sound and approach directed by the Southern Californian vocalist and fearless leader Eric Owyoung has been as consistent as an evergreen in the Pacific Northwest.  After a series of Travel EP’s over the past couple of years, it seems that Future of Forestry felt like they just couldn’t get enough of the extended plays and that there was more to be said than what was offered in the first Advent Christmas.  For fans of this indie rock band that plays to the tune of bands like Mae or My Epic this will certainly be a Christmas goodie that has one original song, as well as an instrumental interlude, along with four covers that amazingly don’t sound like the re-treads that we’re so used to ’round these parts.

Advent Christmas Vol. 2 picks up where the band believes the first volume left the listener, with “Joy to the World”, starting out as an unassuming menagerie of sounds that tick tock their way through the song with building intensity that somehow maintains simplicity while intertwining the intensity to build up the rest of the album.  “Do You Hear What I Hear” follows in the same way with an ever building crescendo accompanied by a sweet choral chorus fit snugly in the middle and the clashing and clanging of cymbals that can’t be ignored.  “The Earth Stood Still” brings us halfway home with a Christmas story that brings a first person point of view that can make you feel like you were there too when our Savior was born.  “Angels We Have Heard on High” is the least original of the bunch, yet still refuses to be categorized as one type of song all the way through as change of direction seems to be the flavor of the day for the band to keep things moving forward.  The aforementioned interlude follows with a track that sounds like it was accidentally recorded on purpose, as if a jam session in your uncle’s garage.  “Pie Jesu” closes the album beautifully with the strongest set of vocals seen on the album and the fullest sound available out of the six tracks and finishes the EP out faithfully.

Maybe I’m finally settling down at the old age of thirty, but it seems like I have more time for indie rock when I can actually sit still for an hour or two.  Thankfully there are artists with hearts for Jesus that can provide these intricate tones and do them well enough to keep my intrigue levels at a satisfactory level.  This isn’t exactly party music, but I wouldn’t mind sharing this with friends at any Christmas gathering that I might be hosting this year and it isn’t half bad for relaxing at home either.

Grade: A


  1. Joy to the World
  2. Do You Hear What I Hear
  3. The Earth Stood Still
  4. Angels We Have Heard On High
  5. Instrumental
  6. Pie Jesu

2 responses to “Review: Future of Forestry – Advent Christmas Vol. 2

  1. Anthony November 2, 2010 at 2:25 am

    I can’t wait until pre orders are available!

  2. Anthony November 2, 2010 at 3:23 am

    Spoke too soon. The pre orders just went up…

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