Review: Scout Da Psalmist- Emceeing Again


Saiza Inc. Records

Released November 1, 2009

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

There are but mere whispers, but there is an issue that I favor commercial hip-hop. But like my past (and dare-I-say favorable) reviews suggest, underground hip-hop has its merits that you can’t get from the “commercial.” And Scout Da Psalmist’s latest, and free, effort proves just that. With smart wordplay, simple beats, & good guest artists, it makes for an almost “old-school” delivery that’s refreshing to the ears.

The two definite highlights is “Change Is Gonna Come,” which includes the infamous Pigeon John and the equally hypnotic “Hip Hop Superstar.” You can also find the title track amusing with its nod to the old-school. If you like Paradox, Braille, JustMe, or Sintax the Terrific, then Scout Da Psalmist will fit in quite nicely in your collection.

Note: This is available as a “name your price” album here

Grade: B


  1. Intro
  2. Emceeing Again
  3. That’s Not Me
  4. Lyricals Gats ft. Mista Min
  5. She Don’t Love Hip Hop ft. Paradox
  6. Grandma Margie ft. Harmony
  7. Pressure ft. SaulPaul
  8. Who’s The God ft. Klecy Hahn & Mista Min
  9. Worth it ft. Produckt, Talo, & Gravity
  10. Change Is Gonna Come ft. Pigeon John & BigCity
  11. Five Man Holy War ft. Concept7
  12. Hip Hop Superstar
  13. Tell The World ft. SaulPaul



One response to “Review: Scout Da Psalmist- Emceeing Again

  1. Cody Miles November 3, 2010 at 10:56 am

    Nothing but Love for my homie, Scout! Keep up the great work bro, I’m so glad we are working together!

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