Interview: Project 86

Andrew Schwab talks about their latest project

Project 86 frontman Andrew Schwab was kind enough to answer some questions from CMZ’s Cara Fisher recently, here are the results:

CMZ: After fifteen years of making music, Project 86 is about to release its firstlive album, 15. Live. Why do you feel like now is the right time for the bandto release a live album?

AS: We have never released a live album previously, and the fans have been askingfor one for years. In doing this year-long celebration of P86, we just thought nowwould be the perfect scenerio.

CMZ: You guys are known for your high-energy shows. Were you concerned thatthis wouldn’t be captured in the recording?

AS:It’s much easier to capture the energy naturally contained in the music from the actual performance that it is for a regular studio album, believe it or not!  When you are in the studio, you have to imagine a live setting to maximize theemotion. But this is just the band doing what we love to do best, and the energy is higher than any of our studio albums. I think, when people hear this, they willagree.

CMZ: Where was 15. Live recorded?

AS: It was recorded on the road, Summer 2010 throughout our festival run.

CMZ: Is there an accompanying DVD with live footage and special features?

AS: The live album is just the recorded material without video. Since we havealready released two DVDs with tons of live footage, we felt like a live albumwould be a different take on the experience than what we have previously released, and we knew the fans would love it because they have been requestingit.

CMZ:How did you go about deciding which songs to include in the set list for thelive album?

AS: We picked a balance of the new and old, keeping in mind what songs get the best reactions at live shows.

CMZ: Are there any songs from past records that didn’t catch on with fans untilyou performed them live?

AS: Definitely. There are also songs that were great album tracks that didn’t translate as well to the live setting. We chose songs that were a balance between album favorites and live favorites for this project.

CMZ: Aside from being the frontman of Project 86, you’re a journalist and poet aswell. When you set out to write a poetry piece does it ever turn into a song instead? And vice versa?

AS: These days I always have so many different projects I am working on, it’s hard to just get away and just be creative for creativity’s sake! What this means is Idon’t usually have much material that goes unused…it all usually ends up going in the next book, song, blog, article, etc. that I am working on at the time. The good news is that I haven’t hit a creative wall as of yet…I always seem to have something to talk about!

CMZ: What are Project 86’s plans for 2011?

AS: The whole of 2011 is a celebration of 15 years of Project 86. We plan to release several new pieces of media for our fans, who have stood by us for the lastdecade and a half through thick and thin. Our fans are the greatest, and we could never say thank you enough to those that have been a part of what we do.


4 responses to “Interview: Project 86

  1. Dave November 12, 2010 at 11:34 am

    I’m a huge Project fan. Been so, since they first started. That being said, I am a little disappointed with the Live album for 2 reasons: 1) It only has 12 songs and does not feature any tracks from the S/T debut. Since the album is called “15”, why not feature 15 tracks along with the whole 15 years of Project idea! 2) From what I’ve investigated, this live album does not feature any work from Randy Torres or Steve Dail, only Andrew Schwab and the current “touring” band. This wouldn’t be such a big deal, if we were actually introduced to these guys. As it stands, they really do not feel like part of the band, so it feels more like the album should be called Schwab and Friends or Schwabject 86.

    Again, I’m not trying to nit pick here, but true fans of Project want a Live album that features a strong set list that represents all the stages of Project. And we want a Live album that either features the original members or we want new guys that are officially introduced as the new Project 86. (Take Disciple, for instance. Kevin is the only original member, but the transition has been made. We can identify with the new guys and the new band.) I hope that I’m not being too negative or critical. I just know from speaking to a lot of longtime P86 fans, that this album is not quite shaping up to be what we had originally imagined!

  2. Anthony November 13, 2010 at 2:18 am

    As a big P86 fan and a fan of Schwab as an author, I’m just waiting for a new full length or EP. Better yet, another collaboration on a song would be fine too

  3. casketsalesman November 14, 2010 at 1:23 pm

    it’d be nice if they would put out tracks from their first, and some call best record. it’d also be nice if when meeting Andrew, he wasn’t always acting like he’s better than everyone

  4. Dave December 7, 2010 at 4:33 am

    Casketsalesman…Not sure how many times you’ve spoken to Andrew or how long ago it was, but I’ve been to 13 or 14 P86 shows over the past 15 years and Andrew and the rest of the guys have always been pretty cool. I think sometimes Schwab might come off as a little arrogant, especially back in the “Truthless Heroes” days, but a huge part of that is his dry sense of humor. I had the chance to talk to him on numerous occasions and for the most part he has always been real polite and hung around to answer my questions. Also, in the past couple years or so, I think it is pretty evident, that Andrew has become more and more outspoken about his faith at shows and in his blogs. I would say as an outside observer, he seems to be in a happier place. Sorry if you had a bad experience. I just figured I would share a bit from my own personal experiences.

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