Review: Poema – Once A Year

Tooth & Nail

Released November 16 2010

Reviewed By Tyler Hess

You know, sometimes you just gotta work with what ya got.  Not long after Poema released their debut label EP, they have come back with another one, but this time in the spirit of Christmas.  It is apparent more now than ever that Poema’s music is completely dependent not on their vocals (which are fine and cute and all), nor on their instrumental prowess (which isn’t too shabby either), but rather on their overwhelming personality, which goes a long, long, long, long way in this industry.  Talent is generally something that has to be a given (unless you just have the right connections somehow, like having a family member with talent, but I won’t name names right here and now), but it is personality that usually takes you over the top, and the Puckette sisters have that “it” factor that will bring them the recognition to get their playful tracks the plays they deserve.

“Once A Year” starts out with one of three cover songs (with two originals thrown in, which is about two more than most full length Christmas albums have), with “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” opening it up with a nice little fireplace and hot chocolate with marshmallows tune that just gets me in the right mood.  “Wool Coats” feels a little more Poema-ish and would have fit along artistcally with their debut just fine and brings in an atmosphere of young love to the season.  “Santa Will Find You” features two things that are of note, one of which is the chilling keys that have been a bonus throughout the EP, with the other being the guest vocals brought in by Aaron Marsh (ex-Copeland) that are unmistakable and unmissable.  “So Much More” seems to be the antithesis to the worries of the previous song, with the idea that love is more important than anything we can receive for Christmas.  The EP is followed up with what I shall from now on refer to as The Song That Shall Not Be Named.  Because that song is stupid.  You know this.

Poema are carving for themselves more than just the Christmas roast beast, they are cutting out a nice little niche that should propel their career for as long as they can take the bumps of the road and this Christmas EP is for the most part a worthy selection for the best time of the year.

Grade: B


  1. Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
  2. Wool Coats
  3. Santa Will Find You
  4. So Much More
  5. Little Drummer Boy

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