Review: Chris Tomlin – And If Our God Is For Us

Six Steps Records
Released November 16, 2010
The latest release by the juggernaut of Christian radio, Chris Tomlin, packs some serious punch.  If you’re the listener who loves Christian radio and worship songs, you’ve probably already pre-ordered this along with a half million of your closest friends.  If you’re not sure, here’s a quick preview.
The album opens up with the #1 radio hit Our God.  It’s different that the live version you may have heard on the Passion Awakening album.  It’s orchestrated, starts off slower, and has a studio feel rather than the live sound of the other cut.  Powerful lyrics, anthemic chorus lines, all a part of the title track that proclaims “And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us”.  There hasn’t been a CCM/worship song this powerful in a while.
The next three tracks have more of a pop sound to them.  You’ve probably heard I Will Follow on the radio.  I’m not super impressed with the sound, but the lyrics are good.  Things are slowed down on I Lift My Hands.  It’s a good mellow worship song and I’m guessing you’ll hear it in your church before the message in just a few short weeks.
Two of my favorites are buried deeper on the album.  Faithful & All To Us.  Both of these are the kind of songs that really speak to you.  They not be as exciting as Awakening or And If Our God is For Us…, but they are both songs you’ll be singing as you go about your day for a long time.  Overall, it has more of a pop sound than any of his other albums.  Missing is the organic church worship sound and in it’s place a polished pop masterpiece.
Things are wrapped up with the final cut Awakening.  It’s already been released as a live cut on the Passion: Awakening album that released this spring.  This call for revival is a fitting way to close out the album.
I’m giving it an A since it’s as good as you’re going to hear in this genre.  Also available is a deluxe version that has 3 acoustic versions of songs, as well as an acoustic cut of “Where The Spirit of the Lord Is” with frequent collaborator Christy Nockels.  You’ll also get a behind the scenes video and a couple of live videos with the deluxe edition.  The deluxe version is available in both cd form as well as iTunes.  If you’re like most of the readers of this site, you are going to prefer something heavier or if you’re in a worship mode, John Mark McMillan or Gungor, but if you want radio friendly/sure to be sung countless times in churches across the world songs, it doesn’t get much better than this.
Grade: A
1. Our God
2. I Will Follow
3. Majesty of Heaven
4. No Chains On Me
5. I Lift My Hands
6. Lovely
7. The Name of Jesus
8. Faithful
9. All To Us
10. Jesus, My Redeemer
11. Awakening
12. Our God (Acoustic Version)
13. I Will Follow (Acoustic Version)
14. Majesty of Heaven (Acoustic Version)
15. Where The Spirit Of The Lord Is (Acoustic Version)

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