Review: Loftland – A New Direction

Released December 10 2010

Reviewed By Tyler Hess

It isn’t really my job to discover new bands as I’m not the A&R guy at some label and I don’t write for one of those sites that checks out every band that ever came out with a song and put it on the internet, but something inside of me really enjoys finding a really good band that no one has ever heard about outside of their home town.  Loftland is a band that hails from Brodhead, Wisconsin, which I am sure is a town that exists, not that I’ve ever heard of it.  What I have heard, however, is this band that sounds like a mixture of bands like Search The City and Acceptance that ends with something worth checking out.

“A New Direction” starts off with a tone-setting track with “The Beginning of the End”, as the pop rock band with alternative and pop-punk gleanings begins the EP talking about moving on from a relationship that has come to its conclusion and a look forward to what’s next.  “Animosity” is the next track and serves as the band’s “single”, if such a thing really exists for unsigned bands, but I can certainly see (or hear, to be more precise) why they chose it as the one that would stand out among the bunch.  “Cover To Cover” follows in a familiar angst-driven attitude seen throughout the EP, but includes a great anthemic gang vocals that declares that the song is all about “The Author”, if you know what I mean.  “Close To Home” serves as a near ballad, near worship song, and all around feel good track.  “A New Direction” lets us leave the album as we picked it up, with the conclusion that sometimes we have to move on from one thing that is failing to what we should really be putting our hope in.

For a band that is off the radar, Loftland just might themselves on the map soon enough, as long as they keep charging hard with the hooks that make their pop rock sound and their heart for God in their lyrics fuse together for an all around good performance.  Mix in some top notch production and they just might be your next favorite band.

Grade: B+


1. The Beginning of the End
2. Animosity
3. Cover to Cover
4. Close to Home
5. A New Direction


One response to “Review: Loftland – A New Direction

  1. david November 22, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    a bit early on this one..
    probably good for my wallet, i’m in a buying mood today!

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