Review: The Choir – de-plumed

Galaxy21 Music

Released November 10 2010

Reviewed By Tyler Hess

I guess when you’re a band for 25 years, you’re doing something right, so it would make sense to do something with that.  It was only a few months ago that The Choir came out with “Burning Like the Midnight Sun”, but shortly after they decided to take some of their fan’s favorites and turn them into an acoustic set, with one song from each of twelve albums to make “de-plumed”.  With that in mind, there shouldn’t be any surprises for long time fans, but rather a pleasant treat for those who have been picking up their albums since I was five years old and some of you weren’t even born yet.  Okay, with our readership, MOST of you probably weren’t born yet.  So basically what we have here are a bunch of pleasant old-time rock and roll (you know, the kind that soothes your soul) songs gone acoustic that are still a nice listen, even if you aren’t approaching middle age, but hardly a fresh new look either.  To tell you the truth, most of this stuff just kind of blends together for me and there isn’t much that stands out from song to song, it’s just kind of there.  It doesn’t hurt my ears or anything, but it doesn’t draw me in either, so unless you’re a long time fan or want to get something for your dad, then I’d just move along to something more interesting.

Grade: C-

Track listing:

  1. Dreams (from Voices in Shadows)
  2. 15 Doors (from Shades of Gray)
  3. Black Cloud (from Diamonds and Rain)
  4. Clouds (from Chase the Kangaroo)
  5. To Bid Farewell (from Wide Eyed Wonder)
  6. A Sentimental Song (from Circle Slide)
  7. Love Your Mind (from Kissers and Killers)
  8. Spring (from Speckled Bird)
  9. Leprechaun (from Free Flying Soul)
  10. Hey Gene (from Flap Your Wings)
  11. Enough to Love (from O How the Mighty Have Fallen)
  12. Friend So Kind (from Burning Like the Midnight Sun)

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