Review: Phanatik- Party Over Here

Cross Movement Records

Released November 23, 2010

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

I know what you’re thinking; the album cover is not appealing at all. But don’t judge an album by its cover because music isn’t as bad as you’d think. Similar to John Reuben, this is upbeat but challenging “grown up” hip hop that makes your head nod while Phanatik’s thinking-man flow keeps your mind engaged. Phanatik’s 3rd album has an interesting concept when you take time to connect the dots. At first glance, the title of the tracks and of the album make you half-expect an album full of “party songs.” But don’t be fooled, as each party topic is brought up, the message is either a Christian metaphor (“Going Away Party” or “Sweet 16’s”) or either a challenge always pointing to a divine solution (“Slumber Party” or “Pool Party”).

While Phanatik’s flow takes some used to, there are some real gems in the myriad of parties. “Pity Party” explains how sin can lead you into thinking it can fix your problems, but the side effects just make things worse. “Prayze Party” has a common theme that a lot of people can identify with in the church: Going to church, but not becoming complacent in your walk and time spent with God throughout the rest of the week. The final highlight is “Going Away Party” which showcases Phanatik’s ability to tell a story; this time around focusing on Adam and Eve’s departure from Eden and the consequences for them and us today.

The weaker tracks on the record are due to the execution of certain topics. While “Welcome Party” is a great start and I love Matt from the OC Supertones, his chorus just didn’t click with me. Even “Pizza Party,” which didn’t bring up as many pizza metaphors as I would’ve liked, is a little hard to understand on first listen even though the song is about “food for your soul.” The 3rd and most interesting track is “Pool Party” which has a chorus that can fit into any secular hip hop. While Phanatik’s unsettling wordplay (even though it took awhile to get it) is about premarital sex, it can have the ability to turn some heads if you casually listen to the song. Also, don’t keep track of how many times he says the word “pool.”

I commend Phanatik for taking on such a challenging and interesting concept album and if you’re a fan of John Reuben or east coast hip hop then I’d recommend this to you. But if you want something to dance with or casual and club-ready hip hop, then you might want to look elsewhere.

Grade: B


  1. Welcome Party ft. Matt “Mojo” Morginsky
  2. Back on Da Block (Interlude) ft. Victor Cooper & Ohene
  3. Block Party
  4. Pool Party ft. Psalmizt
  5. Pity Party ft. Shareece “Sha” Alexander
  6. Slumber Party ft. Mac The Doulos
  7. Wake Up (Interlude)
  8. Prayze Party
  9. Going Away Party ft. Melissa Thorp & Shreece “Sha” Alexander
  10. Party Over Here (Interlude)
  11. Pizza Party
  12. Sweet 16’s ft. Disciple & Evangel
  13. Release Party
  14. After Party ft. K-Drama
  15. (Bonus Track) Surprise Party- Sweet 16’s Remix ft. Young Joshua, Willie Will, Propaganda, Evangel & Stephen the Levite
  16. (Bonus Track) Pool Party Remix ft. Psalmizt & G.O.D.Sent

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