Review: Your Memorial- Atonement


Facedown Records

Released November 23, 2010

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

2010 has been a big year for Facedown Records. With too many favorites released these past 12 months and one still upsetting breakup from the late Wrench In The Works, Facedown’s last offering of metal-awesomeness comes from Your Memorial’s “Atonement” that gives us a mix of ambient and metal (think Hands but with interludes that cut down the song length).

The biggest draw-in on first listen was Your Memorial’s guitarwork. However, in order to separate themselves from their ambient-labelmates Hands, they’ll have to continue to differentiate musically. So if you’re still unsure of whether to invest in Facedown’s final album of 2010, just listen to “Not Fallen.” Its simple, but powerful lyrics, “I’ve finally come to the realization of myself/ Of course, those three words I will never hear you say/You Have Failed,” make me even more eager for the future of Facedown’s newest member and 2011’s upcoming onslaught of metal and hardcore.

Grade: B-


  1. Endeavor For Purpose
  2. Hope Era
  3. Desolation
  4. Atonement
  5. Surface
  6. Not Fallen
  7. My Path Is Set
  8. Unseen
  9. Surrender
  10. Immaculate Design

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