Review: Andreas Sundland – Sacred Love

Released November 30 2010

Reviewed By Tyler Hess

Outside of our friends from the United Kingdom we don’t usually get a whole lot of imported music around here, but this Stockholm, Sweden native is changing that with an album that is actually already out in Europe, but is being distributed here in the USA.  It does seem a bit odd that there would be such distribution to a bit of a no name over here, but I’d like to let the music speak for itself.  With all the artists here that are going for the Euro-pop sound (Leeland, Phil Wickham, Seabird, etc.) it is funny to hear a guy from Europe trying to sound a bit more like American contemporary pop rock.  By contemporary, of course, I mean from 25 years ago, give or take, but still.  Andreas Sundland comes at us with a generally mellow flow, heavy on simplicity and thick on the nasally crooning, leaving us simply with some background music to help us fall asleep.  Despite my misgivings related to the style of music, which seems a bit dated to me, there really is an audience for this that Sundland will surely find if he plans on penetrating the American market for real.  That audience, of course, is Michael W. Smith fans.  He is pretty much the Swedish version.  So there you go.  The lyrics are worshipful and heartfelt and make for some “safe” music, which I’m sure mom and dad will love.

Grade: D+


  1. Stay With Me
  2. Besiege Me Now
  3. Reel In Me
  4. Keep It On
  5. It Is Your Grace
  6. Sacred Love
  7. Be My Gravity
  8. Transparent
  9. I’m Not Ashamed
  10. In Your Will

One response to “Review: Andreas Sundland – Sacred Love

  1. scskillmanblogspot August 30, 2011 at 8:03 am

    I heard Andreas Sundland singing at Greenbelt yesterday in the Performance Cafe – I found the words of his songs moving and sensitive especially one about “waiting fo the sunrise… if it looks like you’re getting nowhere.. don’t give up, carry on.”

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