Review: kenosis- Transidentity


Saiza Inc Records

Released December 4, 2010

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

Lyrical theology and the style of underground hip hop go hand-in-hand. With the majority of this coming from Lampmode, there are still plenty of unknown talented emcees succeeding in this unique niche of CHH. A newcomer group, kenosis, is releasing their 1st album this holiday season with a 2nd album already in the making.

While my only other pet-peeve with hip hop, besides production quality is lyrical depth, I was pleased that this three-man group doesn’t hold back with simplified “spiritual milk.” They almost, dare I say, remind me a young Cross Movement. But “Transidentity’ isn’t without its hiccups with it’s weak intro track & “Sinsitized” almost-dated sound. But highlights like the infectious” Drowning Adam,” the relaxed-flow of “Outlook: Bleak,” and the throwback sound of “Doowop.”

There is a certain passion behind an underground hip hop album that captures my attention. Maybe it’s the fact that the artist(s) behind the mic put their all into an effort without a heavy hitting label backing them. If you have an interest in the lesser-known part of CHH, kensosis’ “Transidentity” is something you should look into. Its too bad mars Ill didn’t have more bars in “Pattern.”

Grade: B+


  1. Kenosis
  2. Outlook: Bleak
  3. Transidentity
  4. Doowop
  5. Metaphor
  6. True Revatlion
  7. Lyrical Kings ft. Mista Min
  8. Sinistized
  9. Are You Ready?
  10. Drowning Adam
  11. Pattern ft. mars Ill
  12. Cause And Effect
  13. Under My King ft. Mista Min
  14. Antithesis ft. Zaya

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