Review: As They Sleep-Dynasty


Solid State Records

Released November 22, 2010

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

Solid State Records and their recent roster of death-metal bands is pretty limited. With my personal favorite (Becoming The Archetype) and labelmate Soul Embraced, there’s a certain lack in the doom-and-gloom side of SS. But my prayers are answered with As They Sleep’s debut album for the label, “Dynasty.” As a concept album it is similar with Before There Was Rosalyn’s “The Fuhrer..” but instead of “absolute power corrupts absolutely” it is about the rise and fall of empires and things people are dealing with today.

Technical but chaotic, As They Sleep is like a distant cousin of Becoming The Archetype. Similar in style, without BTA’s soothing orchestral interludes and a faster pace, this is a good introduction to another rising death metal band. With a concept executed with success, guitarwork that doesn’t keep the sound entirely dark, and a fuzzy logo on brilliant artwork, “Dynasty” is worth checking out even if it isn’t groundbreaking in the genre.

Grade: A-


  1. Oracle Of The Dead
  2. To The Republic
  3. The Third Reich
  4. Bedlam At The Nile
  5. The Darkest Ages
  6. Ritual
  7. The Offering
  8. Attila
  9. Poseidon
  10. God Of War
  11. The Unseen



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