Best of 2010: Anthony Peronto

Check out reviewer Anthony Peronto's year end picks

Top 10 Songs:
Vagabonds- The Classic Crime
The World Is A Thorn- Demon Hunter
Devastator- For Today
God Save Us The Foolish Kings ft. Stephanie Smith- House Of Heroes
Heart Is An Anchor- Lakes
Background ft. C-Lite- Lecrae
Finally Free- Lovelite
The Anthem Of The Angry Brides- Norma Jean
We Can Be More ft. J.R.- Sho Baraka
Covenant Eyes ft. PRo- Trip Lee
Top 10 Albums:
The Chariot- Long Live
The Classic Crime- Vagabonds
House Of Heroes- Suburba
I Am Alpha And Omega- The Roar And The Whisper
Lakes- The Agreement
Lecrae- Rehab
Living Sacrifice- The Infinite Order
PRo- Redemption
Sent By Ravens- Our Graceful Words
Sho Baraka- Lions & Liars
Top 5 EP's:
Future Of Forestry- Travel III
Venia - I've Lost Faith In Myself
Dustin Ruth- Learn How To Love Someone
Messengers- Anthems
The Wedding- Distance

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