Best of 2010: Tyler Hess

See what the real best of list is for 2010 from editor in chief Tyler Hess

Top 10 Albums
1. Anberlin - Dark Is The Way, Light Is A Place
2. House of Heroes - Suburba
3. Ivoryline - Vessels
4. The Classic Crime - Vagabonds
5. Children 18:3 - Rain's 'A Comin'
6. Write This Down - Write This Down

7. Fair - Disappearing World
8. Lakes - The Agreement
9. Tobymac - Tonight
10.Underoath - Ø Disambiguation

Top 5 EP'S
1. The Wedding - Distance
2. Dustin Ruth - Learn How To Love Someone
3. A Current Affair - The Real Devastation
4. Esterlyn - Call Out
5. Poema - Sing It Now

Top 10 Songs
1. Disciple - Dear X, You Don't Own Me
2. House of Heroes - God Save The Foolish Kings
3  Anberlin - To The Wolves
4  Ivoryline - Instincts
5  Write This Down - Despite Your Valor
6  The Classic Crime - Cheap Shots
7  Children 18:3 - Cover Your Eyes
8  Dustin Ruth - Learn How To Love Someone
9  Hawk Nelson - Skeleton
10  Abel - Lesser Men

2 responses to “Best of 2010: Tyler Hess

  1. Robert December 14, 2010 at 8:12 pm

    good list. though i still can’t believe that you like Dark is the Way, Light is a place…I was so disappointed by it lyrically…It seems they have become a rock band (rather than an alternative band) now for the most part. :( But they still are one of my favorite bands! To the Wolves was definitely one of the best songs on that album!

  2. Jonathan December 18, 2010 at 6:56 pm

    I like your Top 10 List but agree the order might be a little off. Anberlin’s album is great but lyrically it is pretty weak. Ivoryline’s album would take my top spot. Write This Down with a close second and the top debut album of 2010! Finally, sad that Demon Hunter’s “The World is a Thorn” didnt make the list.

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