Indie Spotight Review: Quiet Science – [With/Without]

You know what’s great?  Making up the rules as I go along.  You see, as the “owner” of Christian Music Zine I get to play my own version of musical Calvinball, with the reprecussions generally being little more than a random negative comment, email or tweet at my direction if I go off the beaten path.  It also means that I get to check out bands and talk about them at my discretion or delegate the duties when I see fit.  Because of that power, little as it may be, I was able to flip flop on my decision of if I wanted to check out this indie band for my own or just pass the buck to someone else.  As you surely guessed, I had a little bit of time on my hands and decided to check out Quiet Science’s release from 2010, [With/Without], and all it did was serve as a reminder that from time to time indie bands really can make a solid album through and through without the backing of an already huge fan base or a label’s backing.  Sure, it happens more and more as the technology improves, but still a top notch producer and studio can be greatly beneficial.  What we have out of this Orlando, Florida quartet is a delightful and soothing alternative rock sound along the lines of Deas Vail, with picturesque lyrics that tell tales that you don’t want to miss out on.



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