First Impressions Review: Hillsong United – Aftermath

The hardcore fans out there are certainly saying its about time for another Hillsong United album, I mean, its been more than two whole years, am i right?  Nevermind that the same people are involved in the other Hillsong albums that pop up every six months or so and that two years between albums is normal for most bands with just one project, fans don’t like to wait.  I understand, I’ve been there. I just get hesitant with Hillsong because it seems that, on most albums, for every hit song that they write there are six times as many filler tracks, making me think that maybe they should spend a little more time between releases.  Well, with Hillsong United, the youth band for Hillsong Church in Australia, they actually waited two whole years and then did the unthinkable by doing just their second studio album.  Did it pay off?


Well, more or less.

I’m not a big fan of live albums in the first place as they don’t generally translate very well from the live show (well done DVD’s tend to fair better, however) so I think you know where I’ll be going with this one.  The album as a whole is on the more reflective side than the pop rock sound, which would scare me if it didn’t seem like they actually used that to be more daring artistically with deeper, moody songs like “Take Heart” and the title track, “Aftermath”.  There is very little respite for those who need to get their lungs some exercise, except for the pounding beats of “Go”.  Other than that, Aftermath is your typical fare for Hillsong albums, with the back and forth male and female vocals with simple lyricism and choruses that beat home one point or another in respect to worshipping the Lord Jesus Christ, so basically this is par for the Hillsong course.  There are more good tunes on this than the average Hillsong release and if you’re into five-plus minute worship songs then there are more than abundance of them.  It does tend to make my mind wander a bit on the long, slower tracks, but if you can keep your focus for that long then have at it.  I know, I know, I ask for too much, but hey, that’s my job.  If you like Hillsong United, but wish they had more studio projects, then you’re in for a treat.

You can expect a full review when this hits the streets on February 15th, 2011.


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