Review: Kristian Stanfill – Mountains Move

Label: sixsteprecords

Releases January 11, 2011
Kristian is one of the few artists on sixsteprecords along with Chris Tomlin, David Crowder, Charlie Hall, & Christy Nockels.  He has pretty big time company, but he fits in nicely.  He regularly leads worship at Passion City Church in Atlanta along with Tomlin & Nockels.  He   He brings us dynamic worship in the vein of Hillsong United, but even more upbeat.
One of my favorite moments is when he sings “Day after day, our God is reigning, He’s never shaken, my hope is in the Lord!  He’s worthy to receive the praise and the glory!” in the second outstanding cut.
“Say, Say” is a studio version of the same song you may have heard on last year’s Passion 2010 album “Awakening”.  He also covers the same crowd pleasing song “Like A Lion” David Crowder did on the aforementioned Passion album. 

Kristian is one of those true leaders that wills you to get on your feet and get excited about the Lord.  He’s one of my favorite worship leaders to watch live. You can’t help but go all out when he’s leading.  The bar has surely been raised for the other 011 worship releases. You can get this at Christian retailers and itunes.  Kristian is on twitter and facebook or at

Grade: 4
1. Lord Almighty
2. Day After Day
3. Say, Say
4. You Will Reign
5. My Reward
6. Like A Lion
7. Always
8. Holding My World
9. Be With You Forever
10. Over All The Earth
11. We Glorify Your Name

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