Selling Some CD’s, Please Buy Them

As many of you know, my wife and I set out on a missionary journey to Kauai, an island of Hawaii, back in September.  I know, I know, roughing, it right?  Well, the Lord led us here and now we are beginning to help out with a small Bible college here in the island associated with the church that we attend.  The reason I’m bringing this up is that because of all this we don’t really have a lot of excess here, which includes both room and money.  Wanting to be a little more free to do things without worrying about all of the things that we have to lug around with us as the Lord leads us, I have decided to start whittling down my CD collection in favor of what I can keep on my iTunes so that I don’t have to worry about such things so much anymore.  So, because I know that a lot of you looooove CD’s and many of you are still working on some back discographies and just love music in general, I’m hoping to sell some of them to you.  Most of these are just the CD and the insert, so if that doesn’t bother you then please look at the following list and see if you would like to buy any from me before I have to put them up on Ebay.  These are not pre-releases, I bought these or were given them as gifts.  I am asking for $3 per CD plus $2 shipping (so the more you order, the better deal you get!).  I will accept paypal only and will ship to only the USA, so please email me at if you are interested.  I’ll take things off the list as things are purchased.  First come, first serve.  Thanks!  -Tyler

Blindside – About a Burning Fire

Chris Tomlin – And If Our God Is For Us…

Copeland – Beneath The Medicine Tree

Copeland – You Are My Sunshine

Copeland – Eat, Sleep, Repeat

Eleventyseven – Galactic Conquest

Eleventyseven – And The Land of the Fake Believe

Hangnail – The Acoustic EP (no insert)

Hangnail – Facing Changes

Hangnail – Transparent

Huntingtons – Plastic Surgery

Huntingtons – The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

Kids In The Way – Apparitions of Melody

Kids In The Way – Safe From The Losing Fight

Kids In The Way – A Love Hate Masquerade

Krystal Meyers – S/T

Krystal Meyers – Make Some Noise

Krystal Meyers – Dying For A Heart

MxPx – Secret Weapon

MxPx – Let’s Rock

MxPx – On The Cover

MxPx – Pokinatcha

MxPx – Ten Years and Running

MxPx – LIVE at the show

Number One Gun – Celebrate Mistakes

Number One Gun – Promises For The Imperfect

Paramore – Brand New Eyes

Paramore – Riot

Paramore – All We Know Is Falling

Switchfoot – Hello Hurricane


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