Review: Ace Augustine: The Absolute


Strike First Records

Released January 18, 2010

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

There’s a level of uncertainty coming into the 1st release that I would review in 2011. Even more daunting is reviewing a debut album from a relatively new band. Ace Augustine, a young band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, not-too-surprisingly sounds like ABR with a pinch of hardcore and death metal. Not to mention their vocalist sounds like Mike Hranica of TDWP. While not groundbreaking and original in sound, Ace Augustine makes up for it with a strong lyrical boldness. Two of my favorites that showcase this are “Jonah Spoke Of Innocence” and “The Absolute.” It’s by no means perfect or even great, but Ace Augustine’s debut kicks off the new year with a solid start. There’s definitely room to grow musically to get out of the shadows of Lancaster’s heavy hitters August Burns Red and move onward to Facedown Records.

Grade: 3


  1. Justifiers
  2. 2010 Looks Promising
  3. Jonah Spoke Of Innocence
  4. Negotiations
  5. Senior Year At Sky City
  6. Delorean
  7. Axioms
  8. The Debt That All Men Pay
  9. The Merchant Tales
  10. The Absolute

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