Sampler Preview: Aaron Gillespie – Anthem Song

By now everyone should be aware of the musical and spiritual journey that Aaron Gillespie has been going on over the last few years, having recently left the incredibly successful metalcore band Underoath to focus on both his pop rock band The Almost and now to explore his heart for worship music with a solo album.  People will surely question if this was the right decision, but I can testify that when the Spirit of God is calling, you are wise to answer the call.  I recently got the opportunity to check out four of the songs from Gillespie’s debut solo project and here are my thoughts.

All Things:  This song will be the opening track to the album and serves as a reminder that God is in control of everything in our lives and shows that he does indeed employ a lot of the same techniques that he uses in The Almost, just with more of an acoustic sound that plays a little more middle of the road than the scene friendly pop rock band.

We Were Made For You: This is by far my favorite of the four tracks that I’ve listened to, will be played in the 5 spot and has me screaming out the lyrics “You are God, You are God, we were meant for You ” much to the dismay of my wife’s ears, but I can’t help myself.  Aaron’s vocals can be a bit of an acquired taste that some will surely love and some will surely find a bit high pitched and whiny, but I’ll take the emotional strains over the doldrums of many CCM and worship artists any day of the week.

Anthem Song: The title track falls in the 7 hole and is unsurprisingly…get this…anthemic!  Okay, that was a bit too on the nose, but the song focuses on God’s holiness and worthiness of our praise and would sound great with a full orchestra…maybe he should borrow an idea from Skillet and play live with some of those fancy type musicians.

Your Song Goes On Forever:  The tenth song on the album and final one I get to listen to at this point is close to a ballad than the other three tracks.  The song talks about the eternity of who God was and is and is to be and the praise and comfort that coincide with that reality.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect out of Aaron Gillespie’s solo act, wondering if it would be either too much like The Almost or too much like some of the generic worship bands that inundate the land, but these four songs give me a hope that the whole album might be as good as it gets in the genre and it leaves me excited for this new venture of music and faith.


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