Review: Jesus Culture – Come Away

Jesus Culture – Come Away

Label: Kingsway Music

Released November 22, 2010
Reviewer: David Huey
I’m a little late to the party in more ways than one on this release.  When this album was released last fall it was right at the beginning of the holiday madness, and it fell through the cracks for me.  Also, I didn’t know anything about Jesus Culture at all before getting this.   This group is a part of a youth conference that’s held 3 times a year across the United States.  This is a live recording of the house band.
I popped this in with very low expectations.  I mean, we’ve all heard so many worship songs and bands, church, conferences, on the radio.  After a while, a lot of it just blurs together.  This one rises to the top within a few seconds of turning it on.  I was seriously blown away.
For only having 10 songs, it clocks it at a whopping minutes long.   There’s two worship leaders, a guy and a lady that alternate leading the songs.
I’m not sure how, but the first song “Come Away” delivers the line “It’s gonna be wild, gonna be great.” that would sound right at home in a pop-punk band without being cheesy at all.  It’s an epic 8 minute song that’s a great kickoff for what’s to come.  “Rooftops”, the second cut, proclaims”Shout out your name, from the rooftops, I proclaim that I am yours!”.   I haven’t been this excited about singing “I am yours” since Charlie Hall’s “We Are Yours”.  Just a great song.
My personal favorite is “You Are My Passion”.  When she sings “my strength in life is I am Yours, my soul delights because I am Yours” you know this is going to be in your head for days.
The only song I had heard before was “Let It Rain”.  The worship standby you’ve heard a hundred times.  If not by itself, then added into a song at the end.  I could have probably done without this one, especially since the song before it is “Freedom Reigns” and it’s a bit too much. 

“I Want To Know You” is a slow brooding prayer speaking of what should be one of our biggest desires.  “My Soul Longs For You” is a great example of most of the songs here.  I guess you can best describe it as spontaneous worship.  He starts out asking the live audience to cry out to God, “Let us be known as a generation that seeks your face”.  Most of the songs end up breaking down at the end and the worship leader ad-libbing a few lines.  Letting the Spirit direct.  I could go on about every song, but it would just be me writing down my favorite lyrics out of each one.  Unlike most albums that have 2 or 3 solid songs and a pile of filler, this is solid on pretty much every track.

The album is chock full of long, anthemic, dynamic, epic songs.  I’m giving this a solid grade of 5.  If I had actually listened to it in the year it was released, it would have definitely made my Top 10 list.  This band has such a passion for worshipping our Savior.  Add it to your collection!

Grade: 5
1. Come Away / Let Me In
2. Rooftops
3. You Are My Passion
4. I Want To Know You
5. My Soul Longs For You
6. Freedom Reigns
7. Let It Rain
8. Mighty Breath of God
9. Show Me Your Glory
10. One Thing

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