Full Review: Luminate – Come Home

Label: Sparrow

Releases January 25, 2011

Reviewed by David Huey

This is the national debut for the self labeled pop-rock band from the Lone Star State.  Although, it’s much more pop than rock.  It seems this was written specifically for Christian radio.  It will fit right in on your Jesus-loving, soccer mom-listening, nicely complemented by the cheesy radio host, hometown station.
The second cut, “Healing” is a synth based song that has a nice song.  I usually try to listen to the album before I read the press release to keep me from being biased towards certain songs.  It also keeps me from thinking about the standard “if you like ______ band, you’re going to love this album” spiel the press releases usually include.  So, after listening, it wasn’t a big surprise when the press release said that the title track “Come Home” had already received significant airplay.  It’s perfectly suited for the format and one of the better songs.
“All I Want” is another solid song.  When they sing “You are my love”, are they singing to God or their girlfriend/wife?  I’m not sure.  I guess you can take it however it suits you best.  I’m On Your Side is another one of those ambiguous songs.  When he sings “I’m on your side”, we’re left to wonder is this someone giving support to a friend, God speaking to us?  I’m not really sure.
“Destiny” has some of the better guitar work and I love how the vocals rise and fall at just the right moments.  Overall, it’s well written, but there’s nothing that really will bring me back for a repeat listen.  It’s a good album, but not as edgy as I prefer.

Grade: 2



1. Innocent

2. Healing In Your Arms

3. Come Home

4. What I Live For

5. All I Want

6. Hope Is Rising

7. New Beginnings

8. Atmosphere

9. On Your Side

10. Stay With Me

11. Destiny

12. This Is Love


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