Flashback Friday


Hailing from Kenosha, Wisconsin, Hangnail, a 4-piece pop-punk band did not always play christian music. Hangnail was created in 1993 in order to compete in a junior high school talent show. After the talent show, the band was kept together and continued on, while at the same time the members were full-time students. During this time, the band began to incorporate their faith in Christ into their lyrics. While in college the guys in Hangnail would get their break, in the form of Tooth and Nail Records. After signing with T&N imprint BEC Recordings, Hangnail released their self-titled debut in 1999. The album garnered them praise and a small following. Hangnail was also one of the few pop-punk bands at the time to incorporate metal influenced guitar leads into their music. With their 2001 release Facing Changes, Hangnail moved away from the pop-punk sound that had been their calling card. Though having a slight change in sound Hangnail continued to make new fans. In 2003 Hangnail released their third and final album Transparent. Shortly after the release of Transparent, the band would call it a day, with guitarist Nick Radovanovic going on to play drums in the popular pop/rock band Acceptance.


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