Review: Overcome- The Great Campaign Of Sabotage


Facedown Records

Released February 1, 2011

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

It all seems so coincidental but it feels so right. The first Facedown Records release of the year coming from a pioneering band in hardcore and one of the founding bands of the label itself. Overcome has the privilege of being release #100 of Facedown and my expectations for such this album is almost akin to Living Sacrifice’s The Infinite Order. But I approached this caution because unlike Living Sacrifice, all the members aren’t back for another time around.

Compared to their earlier material the quality of production is definitely improved. The guitars and the vocals are spot on and are a sound to behold. But don’t think they’ve copped out and changed too much sinceeverything; from the guitar, vocals, and most notably the drumwork is classic hardcore. The gang vocals work nicely as well, as “Seeker Sensitive” proves with, “Depart from me, I never knew you!” Other highlights include the epic “Campaign Of Sabotage” and my personal favorite “Clemency.”

If you long for the days of old school hardcore, aren’t satisfied with last year’s EP from Messengers, or await Advent’s next album this is an obvious choice for any metal aficionado. Not breathtaking, but better than plenty of other bands in the genre, the bar has definitely been set for other hardcore bands that’ll release material this year.

Grade: 4


  1. Intro
  2. Reverence Part 2
  3. Body Of Death
  4. Profession
  5. Alone In A Crowd
  6. The Breathe Of He Who Kills
  7. Seeker Sensitive
  8. Amnesty
  9. Clemency
  10. Lifting The Weak
  11. Campaign Of Sabotage
  12. Outro

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