Eowyn Returns To The Scene W/ New Album

Press Release:

Nashville based Industrial Rock Artist, Éowyn is releasing her newest album “Beautiful Ashes” on May 3rd, 2011.   On Monday of last week she launched a new website www.eowynmusic.com and on it revealed her upcoming single “Beautiful Ashes for fans to get an early listen. She is doing what she calls “New Music Monday” for the next 9 weeks introducing a new song off of the album until its release. Fans can also pre-order their own copy today directly from her site.
“Beautiful Ashes,” is filled with an industrial blend of electronics, strings, and pounding guitars that range from heart felt ballads to explosive anthems. Both lyrically insightful and vocally breathtaking this is Éowyn’s best album to date.  Musically it captures a broader audience then past albums, as it has key components that both industrial, rock, pop, and worship fans can appreciate.   Produced by Travis Wyrick (P.O.D, Disciple, Pillar) at Lakeside Studios, it includes 10 brand new songs that emotionally grab you from beginning to end.
In her own words, Éowyn describes the meaning behind “Beautiful Ashes”. “The purpose behind this album is to encourage others that God is a restorer of hope, and that He is a restorer of dreams. That no matter what devastation has happened in their life and no matter how bad their circumstances seem around them, God wants to bring their situation back to life that it may become beautiful once again.”
Éowyn is no stranger to feelings of hopelessness and doubt. In 2008 she was forced to announce her departure to the industry due to financial difficulties and was forced to sell everything that had to do with her musical career. Eowyn said, “I was devastated and to be perfectly honest, didn’t know what to do or think. I questioned why God would allow this in my life, I felt as if everything that God had built up over the years has been reduced to rubble and ruins. But over the next 2 years, God began to rebuild my faith and slowly my hope returned as I turned all that I had over to Him. He began to show me the beauty that still lingered amidst the ashes.”
Now in 2011, with what Éowyn describes as “only by God’s grace” she is back. Éowyn states, “I think people will see a new artist with this album. I feel being out of the industry for two years really brought me back to the true meaning of why I do what I do. This album still showcases my love of industrial flair and hard hitting guitars, but is stylistically not as dark as “Silent Screams”. I wanted the songs from “Beautiful Ashes” to pull the listener in, and leave them with a strong sense of hope and encouragement.
Eowyn will be launching “Beautiful Ashes” to Christian Rock Radio in April and a music video of the title track will soon follow. In May 2011, she will also begin touring once again.  For booking information go to www.eowynmusic.com

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