Review: Bethel Live – Be Lifted High

February 15 2011


Reviewed By David Huey

The same people (Bethel Church from Redding, California) that brought you Jesus Culture, are now putting out Bethel Live.  I guess this is the normal worship band and Jesus Culture is their youth/student band.  (very similar format to what Hillsong does with their Hillsong Live & Hillsong United bands.

One thing that was pretty surprising to me was the timing of this release.  They’re putting it out the same day as the latest Hillsong United album.  You can look at it two ways.  Either they think they have a different audience (probably not likely) or they think that worship leaders and fans that are picking up the Hillsong United album may be in the mood for even more worship music and pick this up on their trip to the store/visit to itunes?

The first song is “You Are Good.”  It’s upbeat pop very similar to what you get on a Hillsong album.  “One Thing Remains” proclaims  “love never fails, never runs out, never gives out on me”.  It’s catchy, sticks in your head like a good pop based song should.

The title cut is Be Lifted High. It’s a slow almost pastoral melody that soars to a soaring crescendo of praise and back d0wn again. As with most of the songs on here, they are performed in a live worship setting.  The song is almost drowned out at the end with wild cheers.  It’s a very moving song, and no surprise they titled the album based on this song.

For me, the only hiccup is “Deep Cries Out”.  This song is dripping with cheese.  It really belongs in a Veggie Tales soundtrack or children’s church.  The guy leading gets everyone clapping then starts singing, “If He goes to the left then we’ll go to the left, if He goes to the right, then we’ll go to the right. We’re gonna jump, jump, jump in the river, jump, jump, jump everybody”.   I totally lose the mood this album gets me in after this cut.  So, even thought I’ve given it about 4 listens, I just can’t finish the album.

As for the grade, I’m giving it a 4.  Bethel Church is putting out some of the best worship music out there.  I have a personal affinity for Passion music, but along with the Hillsong offerings, it’s best of class.  The lyrics and musical compositions are just outstanding.

Grade 4


1. You Are Good

2. One Thing Remains

3. Furious

4. Be Lifted High

5. God, I Look To you

6. I Will Exalt

7. What Would I Have Done

8. Hope’s Anthem

9. Love Came Down

10. Deep Cries Out

11. God Of The Redeemed


One response to “Review: Bethel Live – Be Lifted High

  1. takitheterrible February 18, 2011 at 6:59 pm

    Deep Cries Out was actually a favorite of viewers. I do agree that one part is cheesy, but that song is still amazing.

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