Flashback Friday


When I mention the name Demon Hunter, I’m sure people all over the world know whom I’m talking about, and for good reason. Demon Hunter is one of the most popular christian metal bands around. What if I told you there was a little known band, that was on the cutting edge of christian heavy music that featured Ryan and Don Clark. There was such a band, and its name was Training For Utopia. Training For Utopia had a much different sound than Demon Hunter. TFU played a style called chaotic hardcore, or chaos-core for short. Their sound blended metal, hardcore, and experimental noise and married them to crazy time signatures to create a truly chaotic sound. Their first release was a 4 song EP on Solid State Records entitled The Falling Cycle and featured a very raw and noisy brand of hardcore. Their next release a year later was even more chaotic. That release, Plastic Soul Impalement is also their most popular release. After releasing a split EP with labelmates Zao, the band headed back into the studio to put out their final album, 1999’s Throwing A Wrench Into The American Music Machine. That album was a shock to both newcomers and fans alike. While still holding to hardcore as the main template, TFU added a boatload of electronics, giving the album an experimental, almost industrial hardcore feel. After Throwing A Wrench Into The American Music Machine,the band called it a day. Although leaving us with three releases in a three year span, the band members proved that they were capable of making more great, yet slightly different metal.


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