Review: Gideon- Costs


Facedown Records

Released March 1, 2011

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

With so many veteran bands having already released material, a hidden gem disguised as “the usual hardcore album from a novice band” actually blows me away. Even though they play melodic hardcore, Gideon hooks me and never lets up. The band’s name inevitably makes me think of Scott Pilgrim, which is an added incentive if you get the reference. But nevertheless, there’s a reason these guys got signed to Facedown Records and didn’t start off at Strike First. Gideon brings back nostalgic feelings like when War of Age’s “Pride of the Wicked” blasted through my eardrums. The sound isn’t groundbreaking, but everything seems perfect. Is it perhaps rash of me saying “Costs” will be one of my top 10 albums of 2011?

The title track is a haunting and drum-hammering intro that leads perfectly to “Unworthy” which is a perfect example of what Gideon is in a nutshell: Hardcore, some clean vocals, and a touch of gang vocals to even things out. The album highlight has quickly approached on the addictive guitar and drumwork of “False Profits.” The two most Take It Back-esque songs are “Gutcheck” which could’ve doubled as last song on the album and “Virtue.” The weakest song on the album, “Foundation,” redeems itself with the guitars while “Brave New World” doesn’t conjure up images of Pilgrims but definitely shows the angst of desiring religious freedom. As the last two tracks approach, you expect a slower pace to close the album. What about a piano ballad? Not going to happen. A guitar instrumental that turns into an epic metal closer? No, go listen to Living Sacrifice’s “Apostasy.” Gideon chooses to forge ahead with a brutal lasting impression, with just a hint of soaring guitars on “Dreams.”

I could say Gideon needs more experience to perfect their craft but they sound like seasoned vets in the HXC scene. I said on Overcome’s impressive “The Great Campaign Of Sabotage” that the bar has been set for other hardcore bands that will release material this year. Looks like Gideon pushed the bar up another level; surprising since we’re only 3 months into 2011.

Grade: 5


  1. Costs
  2. Unworthy
  3. False Profits
  4. Gutcheck
  5. Foundation
  6. Brave New World
  7. Virtue
  8. Kingdom Minded
  9. Dreams

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