Review: Shirock – Everything Burns (Deluxe Edition)

The Movement Group

Released February 22 2011

Reviewed By Tyler Hess

Having originally released “Everything Burns” back in 2009, Shirock is now re-releasing the album with a plethora of bonus tracks added to the mix.  Since this is the first that we’ve looked into the band, we’re really starting with square one and then we’ll get into the bonus songs.

Shirock is a five-piece rock band straight out of Nashville, with Everything Burns being their debut album, produced by Jay Ruston.  What really jumps off the page when digging into Shirock is that they have a sweet blend of Brit pop rock with an electric tone that sounds like a mix of Seabird and The Afters, which wouldn’t be hard to find an audience for.  Put that in place with a habit for making anthems that keep things interesting by switching the vocals between a male and female lead, while having a broad enough of sound to possibly reach a pretty vast audience, if only they get the right kind of push and promotion behind them.  There isn’t much to see in the deluxe edition that you’d need if you happen to own the original, but there are a few new tracks, as well as some revisions with an acoustic song, a couple of single versions and a couple of dance mixes.

Score: 3


  1. New Solution
  2. Time Goes By
  3. Still Young
  4. I’ll Take Rain
  5. Say It Out
  6. Drag You Down
  7. Man Inside
  8. Calm Inside The Storm
  9. Silver
  10. Everything Burns Intro.
  11. Everything Burns
  12. I Have Been Redeemed (Reprise)
  13. To Those Who See
  14. You Keep Me Singing
  15. No Regrets
  16. Man Inside (Acoustic)
  17. New Solution (Single Version)
  18. Time Goes By (Single Version)
  19. Still Young (Dance Remix)
  20. New Solution (Dance Remix)

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