Review- The Famine: The Architects of Guilt


Solid State Records

Released February 15, 2011

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

The artwork of The Famine’s 2nd album, “The Architects of Guilt,” will undoubtedly put to rest the controversy with Showbread’s pope-figure on “The Fear of God” and give your children nightmares, or your money back! With the former bassist-turned-lead vocalist and 3 years since “The Raven and The Reaping,” there were certain expectations to this album filled with challenging messages ala A Plea For Purging’s “Depravity.”

“The New Hell” kicks things into gear even with a clip from Jim Jones’s speech at the end, which was a surprising touch. One of the more clever song names comes from “Turned Classic Diaries” and it’s Waco & Oklahoma City bombing references strike a chord. While one of my favorite tracks is “The Crown and The Holy See,” the most lyrically fascinating song is “VII The Fraudulent” with such lines as, “I’ll see your Ruby Ridge, and I will raise you one Jonestown.” The album finishes strongly with “A Fragile Peace” & “To The Teeth,” the latter having a nice change of pace with it’s pounding drums.

With good tracks riddled throughout, “The Architects of Guilt” has all the right pieces in place. But The Famine being a hybrid of death metal & metalcore, the songs due tend to blend together. As a whole, the album is recommended to either those waiting for the past 3 years for new material or can’t wait for the new Becoming the Archetype album to drop.

Grade: 4


  1. The New Hell
  2. Ad Mortem
  3. We Are The Wolves
  4. Turner Classic Diaries
  5. Bigger Cages, Longer Chains!
  6. The Crown And The Holy See
  7. VII The Fraudulent
  8. A Pavement of Good Intentions
  9. A Fragile Peace
  10. Pyrithion House
  11. To The Teeth

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