Review: Know Hope Collective – Know Hope


Released March 1 2011

Reviewed By Tyler Hess

As big as the weight of the name Audio Adrenaline carries itself, somehow the follow up project of two former members, Mark Stuart and Will McGinnis, has remained wrapped up in a mysterious cloud of just what this so called collective is really all about.  I was at a show when Audio A had just come out with their “Bloom” album (a long, long time ago, when they were still unknown and playing the noon show at a major festival) and this is the last thing I would have seen coming back then (not that Junior High kids always have great foresight).  What seems to have happened is that after Audio A closed shop, with Stuart’s voice breaking apart, the guys saw an opportunity to use their time in a big rock band to minister to hopeful worship pastors through a collective effort.

What you’re sure not to miss here is that this is not the type of music that these guys are known for, but nothing short of a group of musicians leading in the way of worship to God.  With Stuart’s voice struggling, the vocal duties are shared among a handful of singers, both male and female.  You will notice some of the tracks to be stripped down Audio A hits, like “Ocean Floor” and “Good Life”, as well as several new tracks that range from light acoustic to soft contemporary pop rock, all with a worshipful spirit about them.

As big of a surprise it may be to some that this is what has come out of the former rock stars, it really wasn’t all that unforeseen by those who have been keeping tabs with them.  This music is unsurprisingly neither lacking in talent nor bursting with originality.  Well accomplished musicians are making very pleasant music for a wide church audience.  Nothing more, nothing less.

Score: 3


  1. Attention
  2. Sanctuary
  3. Build Us Back
  4. Hands and Feet
  5. We Remember
  6. Ocean Floor
  7. Spirit Speak
  8. Jealous God
  9. Good Life
  10. Just To Be Here

2 responses to “Review: Know Hope Collective – Know Hope

  1. Christopher March 6, 2011 at 8:41 pm

    I found the female vocals refreshing, and one of the reasons I like it. However, when you listen you just can’t shake the feeling that you should be listening to an Audio Adrenaline album. Three stars may be a bit harsh, but I would give no more than four. I never really pictured Audio A. as “very pleasant music for a wide church audience. Nothing more. Nothing Less.” You have nailed it there, and perhaps that is the reason for not being blown away, as I had expected when I heard who was behind K.H.C.

  2. Tyler Hess March 6, 2011 at 8:56 pm

    i don’t think 3 is “harsh”, personally :)

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