Review: Passion: Here For You


Label: sixstepsrecords

Release Date: March 8, 2011

I’ve been eagerly awaiting this album since I attended the Passion conference at the beginning of this year. I love Hillsong music, and I’ve recently been introduced to the Bethel projects, but to me, you just can’t get a better worship album than what Passion puts out. As mentioned in the conference review, Passion is a conference for college students that encourages them to make their lives count for His glory. They have some great speakers (Louie Giglio, Andy Stanley, John Piper, Beth Moore, Frances Chan), incredible artists (Tomlin, Crowder, Lecrae, Redman) and still people leave speaking of Jesus, not the big names they saw.

It kicks off with two Chris Tomlin’s “Here For You”. The songs says “To You our hearts are open, nothing here is hidden, You are our one desire”. It’s such a great way to kick off an album. The songs finishes with the refrain “We welcome You with praise, almighty God of love, be welcome in this place”. The next song “Symphony” speaks of how everything in creation joins together in awe to sing His name.

Christy Nockels’ songs are always amazing. Her voice just makes these songs so dynamic. Great prayers of worship and and a call to carry Jesus to others.

In a unique twist on what you’d probably expect on a Passion album, Lecrae joins the David Crowder Band on “Shadows”. Also, if you get the deluxe album on Itunes, he guests on Tomlin’s huge song from last year “Our God”. You just have to listen to this one, there’s no way my description will be sufficient.

The fourth cut “All My Fountains” is another by Tomlin. The acoustic guitars and percussion remind me in a way of the Jars of Clay we fell in love with 15 years ago. “Set Free” was written and is performed by both Chris Tomlin & Matt Redman. They write quite a bit together, but it’s pretty rare to hear a song where these two trade verses back and forth.

Can you have a worship album with all original music? While I’m sure it’s possible, it’s pretty rare. Kristian Stanfill weighs in with a cover of Hillsong’s Forever Reign and later his own song “Always”. Although Forever Reign is a good song, and I know the Hillsong and Passion guys are buddies, I’m more of a fan of original music.

To me, the highlight of the album is the closing song “Spirit Fall” by Chris Tomlin. It begins with a simple prayer “Spirit fall, Spirit fall”. Over 7 and a half minutes the song builds to an anthemic shout, “Oh, come, magnify the Son, Savior of the world, the hope of everyone”. Dynamic song, that’s a fitting way to close this incredible album.

I’m giving it a solid 5 since I can’t imagine it not being in consideration for my favorite album of the year.

If you’re buying this album on iTunes, there’s an option for a deluxe album that includes 3 additional songs. The aforementioned Tomlin/Lecrae song “Our God”, a live version of Tomlin’s “All To Us”, and a live version of Charlie Hall’s Constant. It also includes an event recap video and a video of Louie Giglio’s talk “Carry the Name”. It’s definitely worth a few extra bucks to hear the Tomlin/Lecrae song and the Louie message. Both are outstanding!

Grade: 5

01. Here For You – Chris Tomlin

02. Symphony – Chris Tomlin

03. Waiting Here For You – Christy Nockels

04. All My Fountains – Chris Tomlin

05. Shadows – David Crowder*Band (Feat. Lecrae)

06. Lord, I Need You – Chris Tomlin

07. Set Free – Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman

08. Forever Reign – Kristian Stanfill

09. Sometimes – David Crowder*Band

10. Always – Kristian Stanfill

11. Carry Your Name – Christy Nockels

12. Spirit Fall – Chris Tomlin


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