Discography Week!

What up, everybody?  In case you don’t follow CMZ on twitter, this week my wife and I are moving away from Hawaii, visiting Oregon for a week and then landing in So Cal to live.  Because of this, I may personally be a little busy.  The good news, for you, is that we have lots of stuff going on here at CMZ this week.  Our March Madness Tourney is going great, as we are nearing mid-way through the second round!  We also have some reviews that will be posted and we’ll try to get any news we can come across as well.

This post, however, is specifically about our reviews of Discographies!  Earlier in the year I posted my thoughts on the works of Hawk Nelson and Emery, so I thought this would be a great week to post a few more.  Here’s the schedule for this week, plus your opportunity to vote for the last one!  Plus, we may have a couple more that another staffer is working on, so keep your fingers crossed for that.


Monday:  Anberlin

Tuesday: House of Heroes

Wednesday: FM Static

Thursday: Relient K

Vote for Friday’s Discography Review:


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