Review: Onward To Olympas- The War Within Us


Facedown Records

Released March 15, 2011

Reviewed by Anthony Peronto

Being the huge War of Ages fan that I am, it’s surprising how Onward To Olympas’ sound on their sophomore “The War Within Us” is eerily similar to the newer sound of WOA (clean vocals mixed with great screaming, shredding and soaring guitars, and uplifting messages). While I can’t attest to hearing much of their previous album since I’m a newcomer to the band, Onward To Olympas’ 2nd album is apparently darker and heavier than “This World Is Not My Home.”

The album’s theme isn’t necessarily about battling the flesh but about, as vocalist Kramer Lowe states, “…overcoming your past and testing your strength in faith.” Definate highlights include the brutality of “Hidden Eyes,” the growing up without a father theme of “Accuser,” and the last track “Rebuilt” that changes halfway through the song from death metal madness to an epic finish. For those who can’t wait for the next War of Ages record or love their metalcore with a pinch of death metal tossed in for good measure, Onward to Olympas 2nd album is a solid album that will undoubtedly draw me back to listen to it throughout the rest of the year.

Grade: 4


  1. The Continuance
  2. The War Within Us
  3. Revealing
  4. Hidden Eyes
  5. Seeker
  6. Structures
  7. Unsuitable Patterns
  8. The March
  9. From The Mouth
  10. Rebuilt

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