Review: The Dunn Boys – Volume 1


Released March 17 2011

Reviewed By Tyler Hess

Eyes wide open.  Eyes narrowing.  I see what they did there.  Releasing an album chalk full of Celtic punk rock on St. Patrick’s Day.  I get it.  I get jokes.  The long awaited release of what can be considered a side project of Jason Dunn, vocalist for pop-punk/pop rock band Hawk Nelson, joins up with his family members to produce one big party of an album that would be insanely difficult to not enjoy.

Volume 1 starts off with a quick intro called “Mullac Abu”, which sounds like an army chant from afar, leading into the punk sing-along “Nova Scotia” that would make them a good fit for a tour with Flatfoot 56 if The Dunn Boys were a full time band.  “Brian Moore” follows with the story of a man who moved from Ireland to Canada, which could explain why a bunch of Canadians are singing this Celtic stuff.  “The Ballad of Danny Fitzgerald” is up next with what would be a sob story if it didn’t have a hint of tongue-in-cheek in it.

If you’ve ever wanted to dance a jig, I think listening to “Sydney Harbour” might be the most appropriate occasion in your life to do so.  “McCreary’s Battle” is a stark contrast, however, as Dunn looks deep into the love of God in the midst of terrible times.  “St. Jerome” seems to be more about a sailing vessel story than having anything to do with the saint of librarians (of all things), before the accordian heavy “Norland”.  “Rosaline” is a simple sweet love song, “Black Velvet Band” is a whimsical tale of youthful mischief and finally “Lullaby” closes with a sentimental ballad.

If you simply want a fun album with a wisp of frivolous  playfulness, then The Dunn Boys have provided that kind of thing with something that will be good times for everyone.

Grade: 4.5


  1. Mullac Abu
  2. Nova Scotia
  3. Brian Moore
  4. Ballad of Danny Fitzgerald
  5. Sydney Harbour
  6. McCreary’s Battle
  7. St. Jerome
  8. Norland
  9. Rosaline
  10. Black Velvet Band
  11. Lullaby

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