Ranking Thousand Foot Krutch’s Discography

With a lot of bands, discussing the order of best to worst albums is almost pointless, as there is a general agreement on what is what.  Then there are bands where there can be heated discussions because the love of one style over another dissects a fan base.  Thousand Foot Krutch has slowly, over the years, evolved their nu metal rock from a rap/rock base to the arena filling songs that they share today.  The question is, what do we like more?

#5 Set It Off: This is a tough thing to do, as I know a ton of people that love this first album, with their opinion of the band waning with each release.  I tend to think that the early rhymes of Trevor McNevan trying to rap sound incredibly dated.  Despite some classic songs like”Everyone Like Me” and “Small Town”, it’s balanced by the cheese of too many raps that just don’t work.

#4 The Flame In All of Us:  I actually like this album a lot more than most people gave it credit for, as the pop levels on here reached the highest peaks, with “What Do We Know”, “Falls Apart” and the title track standing out among the crowd, with the only problem being the lack of replay value, as it is more of something that I can only visit from time to time.

#3 Welcome to the Masquerade:  The most recent release was one of the best rock albums of 2009, but the newness of it makes it difficult to place over two albums that I’ve played dozens of more times.  I’m a big fan of songs like the anthem “Fire It Up”  and the title track, but what stands out is “The Part That Hurts The Most (Is Me)”.

#2 Phenomenon:  I’d say that long time fans usually put this as the one must have of the bunch, with “Rawk Fist” being the stand out rock song among an album that flows so smoothly from front to back, but the polish somewhat works against it for me, as there is less emotion than the winner of the bunch.

#1 The Art of Breaking:  Just as I said, this is a culmination of TFK’s flow from being a rap/rock nu metal band to the arena rock we know them for today, meeting perfectly in the middle with the right song writing and emotional life given in hits like “Absolute”, the title track, “Make Me A Believer” and the touching finale “Breathe You In”

How do you see it?


6 responses to “Ranking Thousand Foot Krutch’s Discography

  1. Zac March 18, 2011 at 7:32 am

    I have a hard time putting The Art of Breaking at number 1. While it is the CD that got me into rock, it feels like almost every song was just a variation of the same mold. That said, “Absolute”, and “Move” are two of my favorite songs by them. But here’s my ranking.

    5. Set It Off
    While I do really like this album and it has one of TFK’s best songs (“Puppet”) it’s just not as food as their other albums.

    4. The Art of Breaking
    Almost every song feels like a variation of the same mold, and especially since it follows up Phenomemon, I didn’t think it was great.

    3. The Flame In All of Us
    Overall a good album, with some great songs (“Falls Apart”, “What Do We Know”, “Favorite Disease”) it suffers from a lack of distinctive features and too many random, cheesy lyrics.

    2. Welcome to the Masquerade
    For a long time, I would have put this at number 1, but after listenin’ back to it, I’ve decided it is not simply because of a few tracks which are not fully awesome. That said, it it still a great album and I hope it sets them up for their next album to be there best.

    1. Phenomenon
    This album is nothing less than the title says it is. From the opening guitar tracks of “Phenomenon” to the final “Bring it on” of “Break the Silence” this album goes down as one of the greatest in Christian music history.

  2. Micah March 18, 2011 at 9:56 am

    It’s criminal not putting Masquerade in the top spot (although I can see the case for Phenomenon…very good album). Masquerade is one of my favorite rock albums of all time. I think it’s the only TFK album where I can genuinely say I like every song. It’s their hardest album to date and it’s filled with gems like Bring Me To Life, The Part That Hurts The Most, and E For Extinction.

    While Phenomenon and Art of Breaking host some of TFK’s best songs to date, Masquerade is their true shining album.

    There is one thing I’m pretty sure we can all agree on though. Set It Off deserves to be last. :P

  3. Lucas March 18, 2011 at 11:55 am

    I’ll try to make this one shorter. :)

    5) Set It Off
    I hate rap and so this is consequentially my least favorite by them…plus the quality is simply not as good.

    4) Phenomenon
    I feel like this record is a little overrated. The first five tracks are awesome, but the rest of the record doesn’t blow me away. I think that’s just me though…

    3) The Flame In All Of Us
    I originally had this at #4 simply because it lacks most of the arena rock that makes TFK so memorable. However as a rock album it’s actually very good and contains some of my favorite songs by the band.

    2) The Art of Breaking
    While I feel like Phenomenon if overrated I think this record is very underrated. It’s not much different, but it was like they took everything on Phenomenon and amped it up a bit. There’s not a mediocre song on the whole thing! :)

    1) Welcome to the Masquerade
    It wasn’t even close for me. Thousand Foot Krutch had never been one of my favorite bands, but this CD blew me away. It’s like they made a best of CD with completely new songs. “Fire It Up” is TFK on steroids and I think I listened to “E For Extinction” ten times in a row. All this plus amazing production (thank you Mr. Sprinkle) makes this my favorite TFK record. No contest. :)

  4. Eko March 19, 2011 at 12:32 pm

    Only really like The Flame In All Of Us. Their only album that doesn’t feel really overblown and cheesy.

    5. Set It Off- worst album I have ever heard, no joke
    4. Art Of Breaking- never really got into it, but Breathe You In rules
    3. Welcome To The Masquerade- Overproduced. Painfully boring song structures.
    2. Phenomenon- Solid album all around.
    1. Flame In All Of Us- Their only album that feels relatable. So many great tracks. Trevor has never sounded better.

  5. Kyle March 28, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    5. The Art of Breaking… Has some good songs “Absolute” (Top 5 TFK Song) and “Move” but came up short on the back end.
    4. Set it Off… Great CD to jam to but the band was still growing and you can tell.
    3. The Flame in All of Us… Loved this CD… “Falls Apart” probably one of the best TFK songs. Starts off great almost looses me in the middle and really picks up again on track 7
    2. Welcome to the Masquerade… When I point someone towards TFK I would hand them this album. From start to finish I love every song on here and it shows how much the band has grown.
    1. Phenomenon… I could listen to this CD start to finish and never hit skip. Lyrics aren’t as strong as Flame and Masquerade but it’s a fun CD and definitely my favorite.

    Top 5 TFK songs (5-1)… Bounce (Phenomenon), Absolute (Art of Breaking), Rawkfist (Phenomenon), Falls Apart (Flame), Fire it Up (Masquerade).

  6. jthejust March 29, 2011 at 9:07 am

    Phenomenon is my favourite, followed by Welcome, then Breaking, then Flame, then Set It Off.

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